SCP is the title of anomalies that require Special Contain Procedures in order to maintain the safety of Foundation personnel. Each SCP has a unique ability or characteristic that makes it either beneficial, harmful, or [REDACTED]. 

Special containment rooms are prepared for each SCP requiring access key cards to enter. The empty rooms are a byproduct of the Chaos Insurgency stealing SCPs from Site 19. SCPs may be captured by Chaos Insurgency and taken to the Capture Point

Playable SCPs

SCP 017 - Shadow Person
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Consume
 Instantly makes target disappear and die an unknown death.
Secondary Attack: Shadow Leap
 Instantly jump to targeted location.
SCP 049 - The Plague Doctor
500 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Cure Pestilence
 Instantly kills target upon contact of skin. After a short duration victim's corpse reanimates and attacks nearby players.
SCP 053 - Young Girl
1,000 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Anyone who harms this SCP will instantly die of a heart attack.
SCP 066 - Eric's Toy
500 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Blast Noise
Kills or jump scares nearby players whilst playing Beethoven.
Secondary Attack: Play Noise
Plays a deceptively low volume sound to lure in unsuspecting victims.
SCP 079 - Old AI
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Defragmentation
Restores the memory of SCP 079.
SCP 096 - The Shy Guy
1,000 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Make Noise [Docile]
Emit a sound to alert nearby players of your presence.
 Primary Attack: Maul [Distressed]
 [REDACTED] target player.
 Secondary Attack: Force Open Door [Distressed]
 Forces target door open.
SCP 098 - Surgeon Crabs
500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Slash
 Slices target for minor damage.
SCP 106 - The Old Man
1,000 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Abduct [Out Pocket]
 Abduct target player into the pocket dimension.
 Primary Attack: Slay [In Pocket]
 [DATA EXPUNGED] target player.
 Secondary Attack: Phase [Out Pocket]
 Walk through wall. If wall is too thick then SCP 106 enters the pocket dimension instead.
 Secondary Attack: Phase [In Pocket]
 Walk through wall. If in the bridge room then SCP 106 will exit the pocket dimension instead.
SCP 131 - The Eye Pods
250 SCPoints
SCP 173 - The Sculpture
500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Snap Neck
 Teleports to target player and snaps their neck. If no player is present moves to target location instead.
 Secondary Attack: Force Open Door
 Forces target door open.
SCP 329-J - The Ghooost Siiign
500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Ambient Ghost Noise
 Plays spooky ghost noises.
 Secondary Attack: Suicide
 Brings SCP 329-J to another location on the map.
SCP 343 - 'God'
2,500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Heal Human / Teleport
 Heals target human within 500 units. If no human is present then SCP 343 is teleported to the location.
 Secondary Attack: Phase
 Permits SCP 343 to fly through solid objects.
SCP 372 -  Peripheral Jumper
1,000 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Tele-Slash
 Swiftly moves to target and slashes them.
 Secondary Attack: Dash
 Instantly teleport to target location. If target location is a wall or ceiling SCP 372 will hold onto it.
SCP 457 - Burning Man
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: [DATA EXPUNGED]
All nearby targets become consumed by fire.
SCP 527 - Mr. Fish
500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Fists
 Packs a punch.
SCP 682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Consume
Bites target player or item which heals SCP 682. Does more damage as SCP 682's health increases.
Secondary Attack: Devour
Heals SCP 682 based on current health. If target is a player then Devour deals massive damage. If target is a door it will be forced open based on SCP 682's health.
SCP 860-2 - Forest Monster
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Swipe
Swipes target with claws deal damage.
Secondary Attack: Roar
Unleashes a roar while instilling fear in all nearby players.
SCP 939 - With Many Voices
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Bite
Chomps the player while sending them into a panic state if still alive.
Secondary Attack: Lure
Emits a sound of a previous victim in effort to lure new prey.
SCP 966 - Sleep Killer
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Swipe
Swipes target with claws dealing damage.
 Secondary Attack: Breathe
 Toy with prey by emitting breathing noises.
SCP 999 - The Tickle Monster
500 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Tickle
Encases target in SCP 999 and tickles. If the target is SCP 682 then target becomes weak and shrinks.
SCP 1048 - Builder Bear
1,000 SCPoints
 Primary Attack: Take Ear
Takes an ear from target, slightly damaging them.
 Secondary Attack: Create Ear Bear
Uses collected ears to create an instance of SCP 1048-A - NPC bear that goes around killing targets with a high pitch screech.
SCP 1128
1,000 SCPoints
Primary Attack: Bite
Devours target.

Item SCPs

SCP 035 -  Possessive Mask
Wearing this mask grants the wearer a massive health bonus while slowly draining the wearer's health away. Max life expectancy is 10 minutes.
SCP 420-J - Excellent  ████
SCP 513 - A Cowbell
All those who hear this cowbell ring lose their sanity.
SCP 714 - The Jaded Ring
Slows down the wearer's mental capability. Makes wearer immune to SCP 049.
SCP 860 -  Blue Key
Opens a doorway which leads to [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP 939 - Immortality
Permits the wearer to become Dr. Bright.
SCP 1025 -  Encyclopedia of Diseases
Gives reader a cough.
SCP 1123 - Atrocity Skull
Target which touches SCP 1123 immediately goes into a [REDACTED].

Interactive SCPs

SCP 008 - Zombie Plague
Infects nearby players with Zombie Plague - slowly turning them into a zombie.
SCP 012 - A Bad Composition
Compels nearby victims to use their own blood to finish the musical composition. Has a 100% death rate.
SCP 087 - The Stairwell
Seemingly infinite stairwell with an unusual inhabitant lurking within. Denies any light from being shined inside it.
SCP 789-J - The Butt Ghost
Eats the butts of random people on a toilet.
SCP 895 - Camera Disruption
Sends disturbing images to CCTV which is damaging to ones mental health.
SCP 914 -  The Clockworks
Upon placing an item into the input side of SCP 914, selecting a setting, and pressing it's button SCP 914 will output a variety of different objects.
SCP 1162 - A Hole in the Wall
Trades a random item in exchange for a currently held item. If there is no item to take then a kidney will do.