Half Life 2 Tower Defense permits two players to face off against each other in a single lane tower defense format.

Each player starts with ten lives and utilizes Towers to defend against their opponent. They may arm themselves with unique Abilities to aid against countless waves of Units their opponent sends their way. The first player to bring their opponent down to zero lives wins the match.

As a final stand players may bring out their Ultimate Tower which has four Upgrades that may be applied to it outside of a match at the cost of increased in game price.

Matches award TDPoints and Rating. TDPoints are used to purchase Upgrades, Models, and Abilities from NPCs where as Rating is used to qualify a player for certain Abilities and Models. The highest rated players on the server are listed on the server leader board. TDCoins may be purchased from our Donation Store in order to get unique Models and Abilities or to convert into TDPoints.